Round the world sommelier


My detail

Birthday : 1986/02/17 

Home : Japan

Main Job : Menu of drinks production and Produce of wine party

Contact :



I am a Japanese freelance sommelier.

Nickname is “Round the world Sommelier”.

Because I have experience traveled around the world on

themes of traditional cuisine,local alcohol, and intercultural communication.

The main job is the production consulting of the hotel wine menu.

Also I hold wine classes and wine parties around the japan.Sometimes I held them overseas


Partners have been Fix with flower artists,

St. Louis craftsmen, and astronomical guidemen.etc

I like to create new things.

Please consult us if you are able to create an “interesting” in any different industry

If your proposed project is balanced between salary and strong romance,

I can include my passion as many as me likes.


Tokyo has the most Michelin stars in the world.

Ginza is The highest peak in Tokyo.

Actually,I was able to getting the business network and service skill

in this Ginza when I lived in this area for 7year.

I will use these ideas and do everything

I can think of to accomplish the project.

For Beyond romance.


Reference materials

Menu・Menu designed by me



Wine party ・ Poster designed by me




My specialty
“Smoked salmon caviar and salmon and kiwi stuffed at a tomato”


Original brand coffee



Travel story

I was stolen all my property during my tripI earned money on the street performance by use Japanese brush pen

Also I continued traveling while repeating homestay at homes of various countries.I didn’t change theme that go to restaurants in overseas,and eat the world’s traditional food, drink the world’s wine & drinks. With the help of people from all over the world,
I was able to go around 25 countries while eating.Thanks for all the encounters.




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